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Gustin Ceramics Tile Production

Gustin Ceramics offers tile in a range of sizes, from 12 inch floor tile to 3 inch bath tile. All tile sizes are also available in bullnose, double bullnose, and glazed edge.

We have a choice of sixty glaze colors, including earth tones, blues, greens, and neutrals. Custom tile sizes, glaze colors and sculptural installations such as fireplace and door surrounds are also available by special order.

All tile are hand glazed, ensuring a rich variation of color within a single glaze choice. It is inherent in the hand processes used that glaze variation will occur between tile in regard to color, surface and texture. This is what gives Gustin Tile its unique beauty and individuality. It is recommended that the final selection of glaze color be made by viewing more than a single tile, so that the glaze's variation and subtlety can be appreciated. For final glaze selection, we will be happy to ship additional samples upon request.






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