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Architect and Designer Sample Kits



We've redesigned our sample kits, and are pleased to offer architects and designers a complimentary set of 36 glaze samples of our 3" tile for your firm's product and materials library. The tiles are presented in groups of 12 on three separate sample boards, showcasing a color selection on neutrals, blues and greens. Each tile is attached to the tile board using Velcro, so they can be removed for easy handling. The richness of surface and complexity of glaze color is the signature of Gustin Tile, and is a must for firms that are interested in unique surfaces for floor, pool and wall.



To order, simply e-mail or call our office. Please give all company contact information with your request. Requests cannot be shipped without this information.

Included is our 2007 Tile Catalog that details our company, prices and ordering information, with a Powerpoint CD presentation that highlights numerous installation photos of Gustin Tile in home and commercial settings.

For those who are not in the design field and are interested in receiving our sample kit, we will be happy to send you a complete set with a deposit of $150. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the samples.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship samples to students. We can, however, send our catalogue and CD presentation. If interested, please contact us thru e-mail.

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