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My studio is located on three acres in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, in a renovated 8000 square foot chicken coop. The coop took two years to renovate, and I've been working here since 1984. My facilities include a showroom and gallery area, sculpture studio, tile studio, glaze room, packing room, indoor kiln facility, outdoor wood kiln area and a loft-style living space. I have two large gas reduction kilns, two large electric kilns and an anagama wood kiln.




greenware pot (detail)

Greenware in studio

Sculpture studio-works in progress, Fall 2002

Chris working on a piece

Chris brushing slip on greenware

Bisque pot in kiln

Chris spray glazing large vessel

Paul loading platter in glaze kiln

large pot in kiln
Glazed vessel ready for firing

glaze kiln firing
Firing of the glaze kiln.

Tile layout for "Eumenides"

Tile layout and drawing for "Moorish Light"

Justin Coleman, one of my assistants in 2002, helping prep "Moorish Light" floor for glazing


Finished wet platters drying in studio

Chris finising trimming the platter

Chris flipping platter after trimming

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