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Anagama Wood Kiln Firings

Studio and Sculptural Ceramics
Stoking the anagama

In 1978 and '79, Arnie Zimmerman, Barry Bartlett, Woody Hughs and I collected some 15,000 brick from a defunct brick factory on the Hudson River. Those brick found there way into this kiln in 1997, when a group of my students from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth helped me over a period of a year construct this hybrid version of a Bizen style hill kiln.

The kiln was rebuilt in 2005. It has three chambers: the tube kiln, approximately 250-300 cubic feet of stacking space; the large second salt and soda chamber, approximately 90 cubic feet; and the small catenary salt and soda chamber, approximately 25 cubic feet of stacking space. We use about five to six cords of wood for the firing, a mixture of both oak and pine.

The kiln takes three days to load, six days to fire, and a week to cool and unload. A typical firing cycle will be two weeks in length. We fire the kiln twice a year, in mid fall and late spring. If you are interested in participating in the firings, or visiting us during a firing, contact me at my studio for information.

For exact firing dates, fees and details on the next firing, check out Upcoming Events.

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