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STUDIO TOUR OF TILE WORKS The tile studio is housed in a rennovated 8000 square foot chicken coop in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. All of our tile is handmade to order. With a stock of some ten thousand bisque tile on hand, orders are glazed as they come in, insuring the quickest shipping times possible.

Wet clay ready for pugging. Pugging clay. Pugged clay.

The process begins with the clay. Our clay body is made up of fireclays, ball clays, feldspars and silica. It is mixed wet, and then pugmilled to deair the mixture.

Kristin pressing 3" tile in plaster molds. Jason using the tile press. Tile ready for firing.

Once pugged, the clay is pressed into tile molds of various sizes and shapes. When the tile comes off the mold, it is hand rubbed and cleaned. The tile dries on racks and then it's bisque fired to 1850 degrees Faherenheit.

Kiln being prepared for a bisque firing. Kiln firing glazed tile. Jason arranging 3" tile for packing. When the bisqued tile comes out of the kiln, it is then stored for glazing.

When an order is received, the tile is hand glazed by pouring the glaze over the tile surface. Each of our fifty glazes requires a different type of pouring and a different viscosity. The tile is then fired to 2300 degrees Faherenheit in a reduction atmosphere, giving the glazed surface its lush character and rich surface.

We seal all of our glazed tile with a penetrating sealer to insure that there is no staining of the glaze during the grouting process. When an order is complete, we lay out the tile before packing to insure that the coloration between the tile is rich and varied. It is then packed so that each box contains a mix of the spectrum of glaze color.