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Located in an 8000 foot renovated chicken coop on the farm coast of southeastern Massachusetts, Gustin Ceramics Tile Production has grown from the life and work of well-known ceramic artist Chris Gustin. Chris became interested in the production of tile in 1994. He and his wife, painter Nancy Train Smith, began working with architect Michele Foster of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, to design their own house. 

As part of the project Chris made all the tile for the new home including the entry and hall floors, kitchen floor, bathrooms, shower stalls and fireplace surrounds. In what turned out to be the first of many collaborations with Ms. Foster, it was natural for Chris to use the materials and techniques he had developed over years of making pottery. Chris chose high-fired clay for its rugged durability, and his own complex signature glazes for the variety, beauty and individuality of their surfaces. In what started out as a personal project, Chris realized that he was making a product that

was of interest to architects and designers. Thus began Gustin Ceramics Tile Production. In the years since, Chris has produced tile for numerous homes around the country. Gustin Tile is represented nationally by architects, designers and tile showrooms. Gustin Ceramics offers tile in a range of sizes, from a 12 inch floor tile to a 3 inch bath tile. We have a choice of fifty glaze colors, including earth tones, blues, greens, and neutrals. Custom tile sizes, glaze colors and sculptural installations such as fireplace surrounds are also available by special order.