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Jet Stream Anagama Workshop


October 5-14, 2007

Workshop Update:

The firing is finished, and wow, what a firing it was! An incredible group of people, everyone working hard and pitching in, and in the process some strong bonds were formed. With lectures, demos and food feasts, we all had an amazing couple of weeks. Thanks to all for such a memorable event!

Unloading is on the 27th of October, so for those who want to see some great pots, come early and help with the unload!

Sign up for shifts during the firing

The jet stream carves our diverse landscape as it flows across the country. So too the flame of a roaring wood kiln as it develops surface on clay. “Jet Stream Anagama“ is a celebration of this diversity and will bring together artists from across the jet stream to share a common flame.
Host artists Chris Gustin (MA), and Seth Rainville (AZ) invite special guest artists Don Reitz, Tom Coleman, James Lawton, Randy Brodnaux, and Meira Mathison to join them in heading this workshop and event. Eleven of his fellow Arizona potters will join Seth to fire with a group of artists from Massachusetts and the northeast at Chris Gustin’s studio in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Participants will join hosts and special guest artists for the wood firing, demonstrations, slide presentations, kiln side barbecues and campfire gatherings.

The workshop begins with an introduction to wood firing and an overview of this specific kiln, its design and how it fires, and what to expect in the week ahead. Everyone will sign up for stoking shifts during the five days of firing, working in groups with artists experienced in firing the kiln.

The loading of the kiln will be a three day event. Participants will have the opportunity to help with the loading of all three of the kilns chambers, organizing the work, wadding the pots and loading the kiln. Each day of the loading will culminate with an evening slide show and great food.

The slide lectures start on the first evening with an introduction of all of the participants, each presenting a small body of their work to the group. Subsequent presentations by Seth Rainville and Tom Coleman will highlight their work and that of artists from the west. Chris Gustin and Jim Lawton will present their work and that of artists from the east.

Demos will be presented by the host and guest artists after the kiln is loaded and while it is in the early stages of firing.

To highlight this special event Chris will inaugurate his new studio gallery with an exhibition of special works from the firing. The gala opening of the Gustin Gallery will be on November 10th, 2007, with the show running through December 24th.

All work needs to be on site by the morning of October 5th. Workshop participants are responsible for lodging (tenting OK on site), food (other than the special events meals), and travel.

The unloading of the kiln will be on Saturday, October 27th


For participation or information on the workshop, or to set up personal or group viewing's of the exhibition, please contact Chris at or Seth at

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